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When you are struggling to collect the debts you or your business is owed, an experienced attorney can help move the collection forward. My office is here to help.

Peoria Collections Lawyer

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I also have experience in landlord eviction rights. If you are struggling with the eviction process as a landlord, I can help.

If you are a business owner attempting to collect unpaid accounts receivable or other obligations, an experienced debt collection lawyer can provide significant benefit. An attorney can take steps that collections agencies cannot, filing a lawsuit if necessary, and helping you use the power of the courts to enforce a judgment.

Experienced Illinois Creditors’ Rights Attorney

With decades of collections experience, I know the strategies and tactics debtors will employ, and I can usually recognize when a bankruptcy filing is imminent. Many of my new cases come as referrals from clients or other lawyers.

Contact my office by email or call me at 309-740-9114 (toll free at 888-707-7994) to set up a meeting with an experienced
Peoria collections lawyer.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

At The Law Offices of C. Edwin Walker, in Peoria, I have
more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of retail and commercial creditors across central Illinois. As a sole practitioner, I will take personal responsibility for all elements of your case, from efforts to negotiate a payment arrangement to the filing of a lawsuit. I will also help you take the right steps to enforce and collect upon a judgment, including a foreign judgment.

Protecting The Rights Of Retail And Commercial Creditors

I concentrate my practice on collections work, protecting the rights of businesses and business owners who have not been paid for goods or services. I handle all matters related to:

Flexibility And Availability From Your Attorney

At The Law Offices of C. Edwin Walker, I offer a confidential consultation to every client. To schedule a meeting with an experienced Illinois creditors’ rights attorney, contact me online or call me at 309-740-9114 (toll free at 888-707-7994). I offer billing options, taking your case on a contingency basis or an hourly basis.